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Frequently Asked Questions

Closet Obsession keeps a 10% marketplace fee on transactions after a listing sells. 

Here is an example: You just made a sale! Your item sold for $10.00. After the 10% marketplace fee, you get to keep $9.00. The fee is only taken from the listing price (not including what the buyer pays for shipping).

Currently, we do not provide an option to purchase a shipping label through our website; although we would like to offer this in the future. You can enter the dimensions and weight of the item you are selling when you list it. If you choose this option, the buyer will be charged an estimated shipping price. If you would like to offer free shipping, you may do so, make sure you let the buyer know that shipping is included in your listing price. 

You are responsible for purchasing a shipping label for your package. Be sure to enter the tracking number after you send the item so the buyer can follow up on their purchase. If you do not provide a tracking number, your item is subject to be canceled until the buyer verifies they have received the package.

Entering the correct measurements, including the weight of your package prior to shipping purchasing your shipping label will help you select the best shipping option.

A good rule of thumb for guestimating shipping prices. We do provide a shipping estimator for our sellers that helps them determine what price to charge for shipping. Sellers can also offer free shipping. Usually, this means the seller includes the cost of shipping in the price of the item they are selling. Then sellers only have to look at one number instead of the price of the item and the shipping cost. 

UNDER 8 oz
UNDER 12 oz$5.15
UNDER 16oz$6.15
UNDER 5 lbs$9.50
UNDER 10 lbs$15.00
UNDER 20 lbs$22.00

*These are estimates. Prices may vary depending on the shipping provider you choose. Always check with your local post office or shipping provider if you need exact rates.

A valid tracking number is required to complete a transaction and to avoid accidentally losing a package in the mail. Attention Sellers: If you ship an item before entering a tracking number it is subject to be canceled. 

As a seller, you do not want to price your items too high, or too low. We suggest comparing your item to a similar product to get a ballpark price if you are unsure what it may sell for. Think to yourself, "how much would I buy this item for?"

Another convenient option sellers have is the ability to set up an automatic price drop. When you are inputting a listing, you are given the option to automatically drop the price on a chosen date if your item has not yet sold.

A shipping address and email are required so we can notify you when your purchase has been shipped.

You do not need to sign up for an account to make a purchase on Closet Obsession; although it may be worth it. Some of our sellers offer 'points' with purchases that go towards your next purchase. If you think you may shop at again create an account and get the benefits! 

Once an item sells, we strongly suggest that our sellers ship the item within 3 business days. Obviously, the sooner the better. Short shipping times make buyers happy! Buyers, when you receive your order, be sure you leave your seller a review!

Buyers can cancel an order until the tracking number is entered. Once the item has been shipped, the buyer must contact the seller to see what the return policy is at their specific store. 



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