How to Stay Stylish in the Summer

When the weather gets hot you might wonder how to dress for summer, how to stay stylish even when temperatures reach triple digits. With extreme heat, you can stay stylish if you know the best fabrics for hot weather and the best accessories for hot weather.

Best Fabrics for Hot Weather

The fabrics you wear can make a huge difference in terms of how comfortable you are when it gets hot.


The best choice is cotton. On clothing platforms like, you can find a range of cotton items that are lightweight and stylish. Cotton is breathable which means if you start to sweat, your body heat will escape and let you feel cool when the wind blows. Moreover, you can choose certain colors that will help hide your sweat stains while still letting you feel cool in the summer heat.


Another excellent choice is linen which is a very loose and lightweight fabric that also allows your body heat to escape. It will absorb moisture and dry even faster than cotton. Linen does wrinkle easily but if you accept that, you can enjoy the benefits of the linen clothing not sticking to your body if it gets particularly hot.


Another breathable fabric is bamboo which is literally full of tiny holes and gaps so you can enjoy great ventilation and moisture absorption. Bamboo is very comfortable and it dries very quickly so you will remain cool no matter how hot it gets outside. Bamboo also has natural antibacterial properties so it controls bad odor. When you sweat and eliminate the bacteria that comes from your sweat. Finally, it has an anti-static property so when things get hot and sticky, your bamboo clothing won't stick to you.

Best Accessories for Hot Weather

In addition to finding the right clothing you also need the best accessories for hot weather to protect yourself and stay stylish.


Start by protecting yourself from the top down. Even if you are only sitting in a car, having a hat can protect you against the harsh sun. The upside is you can find hats in a variety of fun prints or designs that have a wide brim or a visor and compliment your outfit.


Similarly, you can complement your outfit with lightweight scarves. Most people think of scarves as a winter accessory but in summer you can find a smaller scarf that protects your neck and is made out of something breathable and fun like the fabrics listed above.


Be sure to protect your eyes with sunglasses. Stylish and adorable sunglasses can help you when you are hanging out near the water or going for a run.

Overall, you can stay stylish in the summer if you have the best accessories for hot weather and the best fabrics for hot weather. Something that is breathable will help you to stay cool when the weather gets hot and fun accessories like scarves, sunglasses, and hats can be the perfect touch to your full ensemble.