4 Reasons You Should Sell Clothes Online at Closet Obsession

Sellers can create their own “store” on Closet Obsession. This allows sellers to brand themselves and stand out from the crowd, cultivating an attention-grabbing individuality that will draw buyers in. Individuals can grow their stores into veritable small businesses. If you already have a small business, Closet Obsession will allow you to establish an online presence for that business. You’ll be able to better serve your existing customers by making shopping easier for them, and you’ll also likely find a new audience online that you never would have found, had your business solely been a physical location. Plus, an online store saves time and money for both the buyer and the seller.
You’ll save money especially if you shop at a place like Closet Obsession, where you can list any items (clothing, accessories, books, etc.) for free, with just a 10% success fee after each sale. That means that if you don’t sell an item, you don’t have to pay for listing that item. Again: you only pay for what you sell, so you’re 100% guaranteed to make a profit if you sell clothes on Closet Obsession. Poshmark, another popular platform for selling clothes online, charges TWICE AS MUCH as Closet Obsession, deducting 20% of profits for all items sold.
The process of selling clothes online at Closet Obsession is streamlined and simple, with clear instructions on the website. All you have to do is create your listing (you can make changes to a listing up until the item sells), take good photos (at least five, so that shoppers can see the item from every angle), write a short description including tags, and set your price. Pricing your items fairly will increase your chances of getting a sale, and you can search similar listings to see what items like yours sold for. There’s no complicated technical element or struggle to get set up like on other platforms—it really is as simple and easy as that. Requesting payment for items you sell is speedy and easy. When you make a sale, you’ll package your item with care, ship the item within three business days after making the sale, and upload a tracking number. After all items involved in the sale have been delivered, the buyer confirms that the item is as specified, and then you can request payment three days after the item is delivered. When you request payment, your payment will instantly (that’s INSTANTLY) be sent to your PayPal account. Easy and as fast as possible